Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This Cyrpto Mining Card...

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It’s a shame that so many of those dedicated mining GPUs are useless now, isn’t it? But even with no outputs, Chinese hackers made it so they can still game! Or have they…

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  • Ken Coley

    I wouldn't install any chinese software that requires you to disable security features

  • Shouki TV

    Linus : Anthony, What do we need to do?Anthony : Okay

  • Michael Carter

    Big boy sse smart as hell put him in more videos I like hearing his nerdy fat ass talk 😂

  • Werberjerbins

    linus and anthony need to do a trivia competition

  • Jamey Summers

    Anthony is my favorite LTTer.


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    Bitcoins crashes...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, screw you douchebags that inflated GPUs prices!

  • Curty Cat 1538

    Linus: hey put an hdmi port on this GPULouis: ok.. wait this is not a macbook explodes

  • Angelo

    Someone messed up the title with cyrpto

  • CelliCell 2k

    linus u da mannnn wishhhhh i could get one them rog rebuilds lol i needa a crazy good pc lol anthonys my boyyyyyy loveu guys dynamic duoooo!!

  • Eric Cartman

    repfam time to cop graphics cards!!

  • FoxTopia Minecraft

    these are the type of "More Linus and Anthony" videos I was talking about!! Anthony carrying the weight in a solo video alone isnt nearly as entertaining as him coming in to save the day when Linus is in over his head

  • Shubham Mittal

    Anthony's like the guy in sci-fi movies who hacks a sys just by pressing two keys.He needs a raise. Linus you need another channel with him talking about tech stuff.

  • TheGuruGame

    I don't think the goverment would like that ppl go around goverment censorship..

  • macrory

    Tony knows his shit!

  • Youri

    i need to buy one of those too

  • AJ Zeigler

    F in the chat boys for "it's a long story short"

  • Kwanele urubos

    Linus: When gamers can be gaming on the..Nvidia: and not buying more from us? Ridiculous

  • Minh-Khoi H. Le

    So i need a cpu with on board graphics? I currently run a i5 9400F. would it work?

  • allan J

    Linus it would also enable older computers be used to monitor cctv

  • Nightwing1992

    please upload the video where you soldering a hdmi on that specific card please !!!! :D

  • J_Net Reloaded

    how do you use a g/c and render the output on the onboard g/c output i dont get how you did that, i always assumed the onboard g/c is disabled when using a pcie g/c?

  • Dave Kelders

    14:02 The Chinese government accepts your acceptance for espionage... ;) Joking offcourse, but maybe not. All in all a good way to save some money on graphics cards. Though being a 40 year old gamer I can spend a few extra bucks for plug and play. But for the money starving gamer this could be an option. Well executed friends!

  • thecarpy

    There is no way of knowing what Windows, any drivers for Windows, or any software for Windows that is not free does. If you use Windows, you have no privacy, even out of the box, with nothing else installed ... so ... if you care, you should not be using Windows anyway. Even Microsoft does not know what Windows, without any third party software installed, does ... even the ISO you download from Microsoft.

  • JB6789

    Could one SLI this with a 1060 that has video outputs? I am sporting a XEON x79 platform and the MB lacks video outputs.

  • CoyoteKote

    i really like cyrpto mining cards

  • Kênh thích Master Yi

    Why it can gaming???

  • PrymOW

    Linus! One question. SLI compatible through the pass through? Actually 1 more question. What about 144hz through diaplayport or DVI?

  • Oliver Carbone

    Apple fans: I can't install that!

  • Samurai Sam

    Anthony says long story short over 4 times in the video, lol

  • bikerdudecraft

    lip smacking i hear when you guys r talking idk y

  • MylSon-dono

    Couldnt u just have like two grafic cards ? Like this one and one normal? Lol

  • redSKORPION50

    can you do this by using a basic nVidia card like a 9600GT and then having the mining card do the work?

  • Meinkraft

    Cyrpto Mining? definately

  • Lost Soul

    Gotta tech with the fat guy......

  • FootlooseATM

    So, I just finished building my first full pc and i shit you not my build is 1:1 whats on the rig in the video give or take brands and MB. But thats not the crazy part I also have (just to be clear I had never seen one of LTT videos before tonight} a GTX 1070 8Gb stright out of a mining den with the outputs reattached and card flashed. Paid $198. Reminds me i need to order some SSD'sIbuypower Slat full ATX tower ROG MAX HERO XI9th gen I9900K 16Gb 3000 mem850W psuH80i AIO(really wish i had seen your Tips before I randomly picked parts, that i9 is Really not cheap.

  • ObsoletePowerCorrupts

    Well, you could actually use the card in Blender for video editing/processing and 3D and wacom stuff. So it could be handy beyond gaming.

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