Nvidia Said We Couldn't Game On This Cyrpto Mining Card...

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It’s a shame that so many of those dedicated mining GPUs are useless now, isn’t it? But even with no outputs, Chinese hackers made it so they can still game! Or have they…

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  • Midknight0122

    If they are totally redundant as mining cards now, could one use them for rendering or other non output uses?

  • Absurdoburgo

    you spelled crypto wrong

  • Russell Irving

    Why couldn't these enjoy a second life as a dedicated physix card? No graphics, but offload all that physix work.

  • Zombies Personal Chanal

    Would it be posible to do this for crossfire

  • Hansy

    Was this in January? 😮

  • Silent Tortoise

    Seems too risky and time wasting

  • Luis Lozano

    I need an Anthony in my life :v

  • Sergyu Andrei

    I think that gpu from the start of the video is a rx 580 cuz i have a gpu which looks like that one .

  • Nick Harris

    half the time i have no idea what he’s talking about. But I still like watching this channel

  • David Sobelman

    The site for the mining card lists it as only2 GB of memory.. VS. legit or "real" cards at 6 GB. is this a problem?

  • Wolarski

    I don't know if they still do it like this, but back in the days Intel produced a CPU and sold it as 3 by limiting 2 of them

  • ben cohen

    so ther is more? did they put an HDMI on it?

  • ProJaCore

    It is not necessary to delete the drivers. Just install them and select the card > options > select driver.

  • Anonymous Monterrey

    i try to buy it but that website dont let me, i click on buy and nothing happens :P

  • xllx_Godly_xllx

    Anthony is one badass dude, Linus really has the best of the best, seeing how he is also a badass, great work and video guys.

  • MadScientist512

    Using it in SLI would solve the output issue and make for a cheap upgrade; I'd like to see whether that's easier than doing it this way or even possible at all, especially considering SLI's decline in popularity and support.

  • MadScientist512

    Ironically crypto-mining's now creating profit for capitalism's e-waste-based profit (hence nVidia's lockout), are there any AMD cards this could be tried with?

  • ReiHinoSenshi

    Why woul Nvidia wana save old cards to make people not buy more?

  • deminybs

    Linus said to do this

  • The Real KCMill

    Anthony's PC teaching...new show...time to show the verge how to really build a pc😂

  • Big Dumpling

    “Cyrpto” is the title supposed to be spelled like that?

  • SwafflesYT

    Title says "Cyrpto"

  • Kim Jung Un

    Sooo did you put a hdmi port on it ?

  • Zeldagigafan

    Remember when they said houses increase their value in perpetuity, and then the market crashed? That's exactly what happened with crypto currency.

  • Diego Rodríguez

    Linus, could I use a cheap dock station with this GPU to increase the power in my laptop?

  • EpicMickey

    11:29"seat of our pants"do you mean "edge of our seat"?

  • shagadelic3000

    We need waaay more competition in the GPU market. It's kinda obvious that AMD and Nvidia are agreeing on overpricing their products.

  • -Kevin-S

    IM watching this on my laptop which has a 1060 in it

  • Creations Maxo

    I imagined the joke...Nvidia: "These cards can only be used to mine crypto-currencies... and your PC's data by a Chinese sub-market company."

  • Lil arctic

    It just intel graphic yall r dumb

  • John C

    Isn't it funny that you can spell some words incorrectly without anyone noticing?

  • MWB Gaming

    instead or releasing a mining card that you cant game onwhy didnt they release a gaming card that you cant mine on?

  • Chromezee

    Nvidia - “Time to release a security update”

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