Mining Single GTX 1050 ti 4GB hashrate, Nicehash, Etherium

Testing Mining with Single GTX 1050, no OC
Nicehash : 13,4 -14 MHs
Etherium : 11,9- 12 MHs
-September 2017
  • ayush mohata

    Hey please help me i have a dell Inspiron i5 5000 gaming laptop and it has 1050 but when i use nice hash it cant benchmark any of the algorithm or my gpu please help

  • Harsh Anand

    How to mine ethereum

  • MightyElemental

    On the estimated earnings calculator, the 1050 ti is supposed to make a lot more than this on NiceHashEDIT: For whatever reason, I did not think about BTC value being the cause...

  • Jothesh Jos

    Hey Frnd, Pls suggest me a Best Mining Pool Site for mining alt coins ex...(GOBYTE,ETH,MUSICCOIN) in GTX 1050TI for getting high hashrate.......Bcos neosrypt is best for NVDIA CARDS.thank u......... waiting for ur reply

  • Maicon Felipe

    with Etherium it is possible up to 13.4 - 14.4 MHs to overclock memory to +900

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