Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 Windforce 6GB OC Edition reviews and gaming fps

The Gigabyte Geforce GTX 1060 Windforce 6GB a quick tour around the product and fps benchmark on GTA 5, Metro Last Light and Battlefield 1

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Gigabyte Overclock Utility "VGA XTREME ENGINE":

Thanks for watching!
  • Ford Mustang GT

    1:31 beautiful gpu ever

  • TheRaziel07

    Mine came with aorus graphics engine utility cdIs it normal?🤔

  • Bogdan DF

    I honestly don’t recommend this card. The card itself for the price is a very good choice. the problem is with gigabyte. So if you want this card chose it from Asus NOT gigabyte. I have it from gigabyte and after few months of using it the fans started to make that rattling sound. And almost all the owners who have this card from this brand have the same problem. Just write on youtube before buying it “gigabyte gtx 1060 fan noise”. and no, it is not because of the fan wire beneath the cooler, but because of the fan bearing. So the card itself is great, but i would Recommend asus and not gigabyte. even if it is more expensive - you know at least for what you are paying - the quality.

  • Espe9CuandoCojemos?

    La 1060 más bonita ;)

  • froilan picasos

    how to fix a the same gpu the fan is running but their no image coming?

  • Radhwane Ali Taleb

    I have the same graphic card but when I boot my PC display show no signal , I have motherboard gigabyte ga-990xa us 3 rev 1 anyone have a solution ? Tried HDMI and dvi-d same error but when I try it in another mobo its work

  • Majkiller11

    Have you come across any sort of problems with coil whine or high temps with this particular card, I've heard that it has some "problems" considering the noise and the heatsink in general. Should I Go for this card or the EVGA Superclocked edition?

  • crni gruja

    This one or the asus gtx dual 6g?

  • der gamer

    How long is the graphic card ?

  • si Akai

    what cpu do u have for testing games?

  • Mental Carmine

    gonna buy this card when i get money rn im usinga a gt 1030 with ryzen 3 1200


    Will this graphics card support an ROG X370 motherboard???

  • Rahul Raj

    They should have used one more copper heat pipe then it would have been much more cooler, its like 77℃ at full load at 80%fans Room ambient temperature 27℃. This design is good for cards like gtx 1050 or 1050ti.

  • TE5LA

    I just got one for $86 :)

  • Sloppy Joe

    RGB lighting is pointless cough*


    Would it be worth upgrading from a 970 to this?

  • xjallanx

    Luv that Logitech mouse lol

  • VidiS

    I have this card ! I very happy, games runs nice. 👍

  • Mike Cunningham

    All of a sudden, recently, my card (same) experiences frame drops and I noticed my core clock, sometimes memory clock, GPU load, memory controller, Bus interface, power consumption and VDDC drop to 0 or idle clocks and the PerfCap reason is Idle in GPU-Z and I am not sure why it does that. Anyone have any idea? P.S. I have an i5 4670, 8GB RAM and a Corsair 550W PSU.

  • swankydoodle

    what a fucking loser

  • Steve Tracemi

    Why are you getting such low FPS? On all of the other videos showcasing 1060s almost every game is above 70

  • Tim M

    I have this card and the temp is also high at around 75 °C full load. Its wierd because my case is full tower with plwnty of fans and good airflow.

  • Cameron Rouse

    Is it possible for you to measure the card again but just include the PCB length.

  • Jayfel Cantrell

    Can I run this card in an older build of:Processor: AMD Phenom II X4 960T with Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO Mobo: M5 A97 LE R2.0 (AMD 9 series chipset)RAM: 2x (4GB) Geil Enhance CORSA (PC3 10660 1333 Mhz)PSU: Aerocool strike-x 600W (80+ Bronze)Storage: Crucial BX300 120GB Case: Xigmatek astro Let me know your recommendations!You are awesome! Thanks and more power to the channel! :)

  • Doomsday Tuther™

    Another retarded reviewer telling you what you can already see instead of talking about performance. We all know what a friggin copper pipe looks like.

  • a guy stranger

    What's CPU used in test ?

  • TE5LA

    Reason for the fans being opposite: If fans rotate same direction, the air thrown out between the fans collides at the center. Opposite rotation pushes the air the same direction which vents more away from the card.

  • Phil Dawson

    Just got one for dvdfab 4k UHD HDR blu-ray movie ripping converting it's a fucking beast on cuda cores

  • OpticalGreen

    Thanks for such a good review! I have to analyze it before I buy it mainly because I am not sure how long is it compared to the 750ti windforce version, I have limited space in my case and I am worried it could mount over my RAM slots (I use an B150m Mortar mobo).

  • games record

    what's the music of opening

  • TheNorthFace715

    Ummm what is ur cpu? U should be getting more than 50fps on GTA V...

  • Silentsky

    does the fan turn off when the GPU is not utilized?

  • Yashu 7898

    I am going to purchase this card this card looks fucking liittt🔥 better card in budget

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